The big booby trap!
  • Administrator at Sexual Symbol
  • Lives in Miami, Florida
  • From San Francisco, California
  • Female
  • Open relationship
  • 12/10/1992
  • Followed by 321 people
  • Measurements
    34H / 25 / 30
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality
  • Personage
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Seeking
    Old Men.
  • Family Members
    Amanda Cross is my sister with Amelin Vamen being my aunt and Maxamillion Maxima is my cousin
  • Relationships
    Nena McLean is my girlfriend.
  • Activity Status
    Watching an old guy fucking my fat tits on the bed and loving it!
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign
  • Astrology Zodiac Sign
  • Personal Interest
    Spreading my legs wide for man older than 50 to get pounded by them. Submitting my huge tits to old men for them to enjoy fucking. Getting repeatedly and consistently nutted (knocked up) by old men.
  • Favorite Positions
    Tit fucking, getting tit fucked, sucking dick, doggystyle and missionary.
  • Main Assets
    Thin frame with very large tits, no dick slipping out guarantee and big enough to suck both nipples at the same time.
  • Travel Information
    I will not travel for anyone but if an old guy who is to my taste lives in my city, I wouldn't mind meeting up for some sex.
  • Known Languages
    English and Spanish.
  • Turn-Ons
    Old men over the age of 50, saggy large old nuts, big stiff old dicks, getting fucked by old man, getting tit fucked by old man and tit fucking old men.
  • Turn-Offs
    Anything BDSM related, do not like or enjoy any kind of tied sex or pain while having sex.
  • Sexual Preference
    5+ inch dicks, at least 50 years old or older, saggy nuts is a plus!
  • Sexual Orientation
    Men 50 • 50 Woman
  • Nicknames / Stage Names
    Esexy, Eli, Elly, Rey, Reyah, ER, Melons, Blue, Bluey, Ms. Hypno-Tits, Boobage and Booby Trap.
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A group picture with me and all the girls, from left to right the girls are:
Dayveah Spark, Amanda Cross, Elexy Reyah (me), Nena McLean, Marie Anna, Krystiny La'Dor and Sarakelly Leean.
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