So I was browsing the interwebs and saw something seriously humorous which I thought I share. So apparently I know many people know what a fleshlight is, it is something mainly used by men to stick their dick into and jerk off with it to feel as if it was a pussy. Similar to that of a dildo/vibrator used by woman but while those are to stick inside you, the fleshlight you stick things in it.... Like the male dick, obviously. I was surfing the net and found a company that is named **YouBuy** (that is the actual name of it) that sells flashlights based on the pussy of pornstars. Yes you read right, a company that actually creates flashlights that feel as if you were fucking that supposed pornstar!
I didn't even know this existed until now, so I was searching for a pornstar online and I came across a fleshlight *version of her*. Honestly I have no idea of how the inside of the actual flashlight is constructed, as in if it is molded of that to the structure of the pornstar pussy walls, but I thought this was something worth sharing. I found them on eBay selling for around $80 a piece, I am not sure but I guess the insides of them are structured like the inside of the actual pornstar, I don't really know though. Still, I find it funny how these people actually went the length and featured pornstar flashlights to make it seems you fucking them. Maybe me and the girls should have a word with them to have them made a few of us, lol!
Grab that flashlight, close your eyes.... And stuff that shit on your cock and dream of away of yourself humping the crap out of the pornstars, that is pretty much all there is to it. I do wonder how these things feel on males compared to fucking the actually pussy though. I know the insides can be structured to form the insides of an actual girl, but I sure do not know if it would feel as if you were fucking her. Yeah of course fucking the real thing is better, but still - and actual fucking flashlight where the **insides of it is the same form as the pornstar** it is based on is some pretty heavy shit, I'd say!