We are glad to see you are interested in our webcam section, please keep the following things in mind while there. Remember that our website do not have any restrictions on what you can do but do not do anything stupid, have common sense, be smart and have fun:

1. You can look over announcements by clicking on the icon. No webcam is needed to be in the rooms, anyone can go. Be sure to click on the icon at the top right to give yourself a nickname or add the account name you use on the Sexual Symbol website so members know who you are. You will be more likely ignored if your name is the standard guest given numbers.
2. You can activate your webcam in any room by clicking the icon in the room at the top right. The icon let's you audio chat with members in the room. You will find additional setting via the next to the text space you use to type. At the far top middle where the room name is found you can find next to it the icon for even more settings and features.
3. When you click the or icon, a link will be shown in the room, any members who wish to see you on cam or audio chat with you can click on the generated link, multiple members can click on your link to view or hear you as well.
4. Do not spam click the or feature in a room or you will be removed from using our service permanently. Send a private message in a 1-on-1 chat to a member asking if they would like to cam or audio chat with you, do not just send random request to everyone. If the member refuses, then just move on.
5. Do not beg for people to turn on their webcams, do not attack people that do not wish to turn on their webcam. Doing any of the two will have you removed from using our webcam service permanently.
6. You may create personal rooms by clicking the icon with the options of public, invite only or password protection.
7. You must be 18+ to enter the webcam section of the site.
8. Clicking the following button below to enter proves you can go there.

For Personal Profile Picture And Name In Webcam Section
1. Click on the at the top of the chat and create an account. If you get an error, refresh the page until you get a log in/registration screen.
2. Once you register there, head to your email to get activation information. When that is done, you need to create a profile on Gravatar and log in to Gravatar.
3. While on your Gravatar account, fill out the detail and upload a personal avatar, make sure you rate the image G or it won't show in the webcam section.
6. Return to the Sexual Symbol Webcams section and log in, be sure the top button is now .
7. Your uploaded image will show in the chat after a few minutes in the webcam section.