there is nothing more annoying on a social website then having a person contact you with things like "hey", "hi", "hud" (how you doing), "hey sexy", "nice ass", "i like your big ass" and so on. anyone who sends this kind of stuff in a private message to start conversations with someone should not expect any kind of reply at all - ever! what makes these people think you will ever reply to them with crap like this? worse part is that some of these people repeatedly send the same or near the same text. you look over the person's text history and it is 50+ "hi" and that is it. so these people actually believe someone will one day just reply to them?.. NO! of course not, instead what they will earn is a block for being so close minded. you have to keep in mind that there are a whole mess of profiles on there fully filled up with profile pictures, videos and everything along with people that actually know how to start conversation by stating things you want to take a moment and reply too. why what makes you think anyone will want to waste their time replying your simple 1-4 text? take a moment and read the member's profile and look at what interest them, then use that as a base to try to get their attention, or focus on it for conversation starter. dont just tell a girl with a huge butt she has a huge butt... everyone fucking knows that already. why are you pointing out the damn obvious, everyone know you want to fuck it also so you don't have to mention that either! there are many ways to start conversations, but there are even more ways to make a first stupid impression and lose your chance simply beacuse your ass is too fucking lazy to not read people's profiles. use that as your base for conversation and drop the simple "hi" and "hey sexy" and you might get somewhere - like getting laid tonight. so if you really want that ass... work for it!

if you havent gotten a reply after many days... take the damn hint!

tip #01 ♥ playmate