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  • Founder at Zenith Nude Beach & Club
  • Lives in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • From Munson, Florida
  • Female
  • Single
  • 14/02/1990
  • Followed by 186 people
  • Measurements
    30F • 24 • 54
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality
  • Personage
    Role Player.
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Seeking
  • Family Members
    Elliana Estelah is my sister, Krystiny La'Dor, Kimberly La'Dor and Sarakelly Leean are my cousins.
  • Activity Status
    taking care of my nude beach club!
  • Personal Interest
    nude exhibition, living in the nude, nude beaches, open minded people, descret meetings
  • Favorite Positions
    doggy position, sideways position, hotdogging, 69, frog and reverse frog position
  • Main Assets
    bubble butt with exceptionally very wide hips
  • Travel Information
    i do travel regularly for fun
  • Known Languages
    english, spanish, german, italian
  • Turn-Ons
    people who walk around nude, no clothing area, giving spa massages with happy endings, public sex, watching public sex, large crowds
  • Turn-Offs
    clothing restrictions, clothing zones, those who aren't open minded, judgmental people, hidden cams, spy cams
  • Sexual Preference
    very adventurous, open-minded and highly sexually driven people
  • Sexual Orientation
    Men 50 • 50 Woman
  • Nicknames / Stage Names
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a group picture with my sister Elliana Estelah
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