★ ☆ ✡ Life Of The Party ✡ ☆ ★
  • Enterprise Package Member
  • Owner at Ryze Strip Club & Escort Services
  • Lives in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • From Caracas, Venezuela
  • Female
  • Single
  • 18/12/1991
  • Followed by 165 people
  • Personal Interest
    Clubing out, strip clubs, party people, gambling, exotic dancing, escorting.
  • Favorite Positions
    Missionary, blow jobs, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, standing one leg up, car sex and shower sex.
  • Main Assets
    Blond with big bubble butt.
  • Travel Information
    Don't travel often.
  • Known Languages
    English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.
  • Turn-Ons
    Sucking a lot of cock, fucking on balconies, fucking against windows, fucking in front of mirrors, fucking in cars and nice hanging cocks.
  • Turn-Offs
    Tiny cocks, massive horse cocks, hairy cocks and hairy people.
  • Sexual Preference
    People who like to party, guys with regular sized cocks, nothing too crazy and nothing too simple.
  • Sexual Orientation
    Men 50 • 50 Woman
  • Nicknames / Stage Names
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