61 year old male,..not had a hard on since 1995,..believe it or not,..have a bad ticker so avoiding any of the no account pills ,..any help here,.I love oral sex,..over the years I have been told my tongue is quite talented,..I love feeling a womans legs clamping down on my head as she orgasms so violently,..and a return sucking of my cock is well recieved as well,.I can still cum as I have spilled gallons over the years through self pleasure,..time for an upgrade,..what say?
  • Retired at see above
  • Studied none at none
    Class of some
  • Lives in Lakeland
  • From Lakeland
  • Male
  • Single
  • 01/12/1955
  • Followed by 76 people
  • Measurements
  • Personality
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Personal Interest
    Well I consider myself very good in eating pussy,..I love it!!
  • Favorite Positions
  • Main Assets
    Once again,..have been told my tongue is really good,..need to practice,..been a long time here,..help!!!
  • Travel Information
    I would be willing to travel a reasonable distance,..
  • Known Languages
  • Turn-Ons
    Perhaps sharing some porn,..seems that is my only release lately,..help!!
  • Turn-Offs
    Have no dislikes I know of really,.never tried gay,..but not interested unless incidental contact,.3 some or moresome,..
  • Sexual Preference
    Love to be with a mature woman,..perhaps she is lacking confidence,..love to boost her up...
  • Does anyone at all have an interest in a 62 year old man who is constantly horny but can no longer get it up,..plenty of cum there just need someone,..anyone to help bring it out,..I am bi curious so that opens more doors I guess,..pretty shy actually. Thanks for any input,..email me with any advice,. [email protected] thanks
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