Hello i'm just Nate and a goof for life. I like to draw, paint, sculpt, play instruments, and play video games. Am friendly but a bit shy at first but once i feel comfy with ya i'll probably never shut up haha, anywho hope all have a good one :)
  • Independent Artist at Varies
  • Studied Design + Animation at
    Class of
  • Lives in Pittsburgh, PA
  • From Savannah, GA
  • Male
  • 25/09/1991
  • Followed by 4 people
  • Measurements
  • Personality
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Personal Interest
    Well I like a good roleplaying, doing something naughty in public, or just pure love fucking, anime and hentai as well
  • Favorite Positions
    69, doggy, cowgirl, and when i pick the woman up and fuck her in mid air
  • Main Assets
    creative and open to new things, and just being a goof and making peeps laugh i guess
  • Travel Information
    i'm willing but only if i'm taking a vacation or got a job near, and for really good friends i'd travel
  • Known Languages
    english, and i know some spanish, german, italian, french, and japanese, just can't read or write it lol
  • Turn-Ons
    sexy language, the woman knowing what she wants and getting it, and just about anything am open
  • Turn-Offs
    to far hardcore, like pure pain, waterwork stuff, and any bloody/ beating stuff, just not my thing really
  • Sexual Preference
    I don't really care as long all are having fun
  • Official Fuck Friends
    Nate, Dranix, Derpy
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